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• The Fence Technical Guide of USDA's NRCS is the standard that is often referenced in Michigan. Is a 12 page document. • This guide for example says beef cattle fence can include: non electric high tensile 5 strand min; electrified high tensile 4 strand min; woven wir The main agricultural purpose of the fence is to hold livestock in an area that you want them in. But, there are many other factors and aspects that come into play in the building of the fence. Of all of the various types of agricultural fencing I feel very strongly that 12.5 gauge hi-tensile fencing is the best choice you can make How to Build a Hi-Tensile Fence - A Pictoral Guide Building a Multi-Strand Hi-Tensile Fence for the Beginning Farmer Photo credits to: Rebecca Book July 20th, 2009: I just returned from a few days of building fence in Iowa. Wow, they have some nice dirt up there compared to here in the Ozarks of Missouri ! I met Eth Gerrish says the lightest-duty fence, such as a 1- or 2-wire, high-tensile pasture subdivision fence, only requires a 4- to 5-inch-diameter post. A 5-strand barbed wire fence, or 5- or 6-strand high-tensile wire fence, requires a 6- to 7-inch-diameter post. For net wire fences, Gerrish recommends an 8-inch-diameter post Vic and Cindy Madsen hosted a high-tensile fence building workshop with professional fence builder Jason Schmidt on Saturday, July 9th. If you weren't able to come, here is a step-by-step guide on how to build this style of fence. Step 1. Dig holes for the corner posts

High-tensile electric fences are the most secure, permanent electric fence systems. They safely contain your livestock while keeping unwanted wildlife outsid.. High Tensile Smooth Wire. High tensile smooth wire is most often composed of four to ten strands and can be used as an alternative to barbed wire fencing. It's preferred by farmers and ranchers because it's more gentle on cattle — and therefore a good option if your livestock aren't the rebellious type

High-tensile non-electric wire fence. The high tensile non-electric fence (see Table 3) uses eight strands of 12.5-gauge high-tensile wire on 4-inch diameter pressure-treated wood posts. Posts are 20 feet apart. Bracing uses three 8-inch diameter posts and two 4-inch diameter cross braces on each end The most common general livestock fence is a insulated four wire high tensile fence. It is used for dairy and beef cattle pasture with low stocking levels. Five wire fence is used for difficult to control livestock such as sheep or horses. Six wire high tensile is used for a higher stocking levels such as cattle feed yard

The Cattle-Tuff product is specifically designed for livestock control. Pasture, cross & fence. Features. Fixed knot fence. Pre-stripped rolls - (all of the stay tuff fence rolls come with 18 of vertical stays removed from both ends of the roll). Heavy Duty galvanization. 20 Year Warranty. Cattle Tuff (949-12) is stronger than the typical. StaTite50 The 50-Year Fence is the first and only agricultural wire fence of its kind available on the market today. No other fixed knot fence wire product offers a Zinc-Aluminum hybrid coating backed by a 50 year warranty. The high tensile wire and fixed knot design combine to make a virtually indestructible product, saving you money on labor. 180psi High Tensile Wire, 12.5 gauge. This is easy to handle and knot by hand. Highly recommended you don't go above 180,000 psi. A good quality Spinning Jenny. A gripple tool and gripples. This is an easy way to put tension on and join fences, wire to wire or at corner posts High tensile, non-energized fences High tensile, smooth wire fences are becoming increasingly popular for farm fences. These fences are typically constructed with four (4) to ten (10) smooth wires. A six- (6) strand, high tensile fence will provide adequate control of livestock and can be constructed to control large wildlife

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  1. Welcome! China Guoqiang High Tensile Fence Manufacture Co., Ltd. is a reliable supplier of high tensile fences for various uses including cattle fence, deer fence, sheep fence, field fence, horse fencing, grassland husbandry fencing and etc. Types of high tensile fence according to materials can be hot dipped galvanized fences, galvanized carbon steel fences, plastic coated steel fences
  2. Cattle Most types of fence can be used with cattle, so most cattle producers assess factors such as expense, ease of construction and expected life of the fence when considering fencing strategy. In the past, woven wire and barbed wire were the most common fence types; however,high-tensile fencing is rapidly gaining popularity in Tennes-see
  3. imum tensile strength • 4,000′ roll length. 100 lbs. Spinning Jenny. Used to uncoil high tensile wire Wire Strainers. Used to tighten wire to proper tension. Strainer Handl
  4. This 74051 High-Tensile Smooth Electric Fence Wire is a Class 3 galvanized electric fence wire with a heavy zinc coating for long life and durability. The 12.5-gauge high-tensile smooth wire is an effective, dependable, low-cost electric fence wire for horses, cattle, livestock and pastures
  5. Solid multi purpose livestock fence, combining advantages of using High Tensile wire with the traditional vertical wire spacing 6. The solid vertical wire combined with the Torus knot make it a great strong and economical fence. 939-6: 330' 149.5: 12.5ga: 39 high livestock fence suitable for sheep. 12 spacing make this an economical fence.

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  1. Horizontal wires must be12½ gauge steel, or 14 gauge high tensile. Vertical wires are to be at least 14 gauge steel. For other Animals, a mesh and fence height that is appropriate to the species as recommended by the manufacturer. High tensile woven wire 12½ gauge may be used for all animals as specified by manufacturer
  2. ..can be used for livestock fencing & confinementdoes not stretch or sagis high tensile & exceeds ASTM A-116. then STAY-TUFF High Tensile Hinge Joint Fence is the solution you need. For more info, click here https://bit.ly/3cPhL0
  3. Today on the farm vlog we'll be helping out a neighbor with his fencing. I'll show you how we install, staple and stretch out high tensile woven wire fence a..
  4. Additional Cattle Fencing Costs and Materials. Regardless of whether you opt for high-tensile fences or barbed wire fencing systems as your best fence for cattle, there'll still be a few additional items you need to budget for. Wooden fence posts are an integral part of any livestock fencing making good-quality, treated posts a must
  5. With cattle for example, corral fences need to be tougher and stable than pasture fences. Pasture fencing for cattle require simple barbed-wire or high-tensile fences, whereas for pigs, goats and sheep, pasture fencing requires page wire up to a 3 to 5 feet (0.9 to 1.5 m) tall, respectively

High tensile cattle fences are a very popular and economical way to fence in a variety of animals over a large piece of land, with the cattle fence post spacing placed much farther apart than with typical woven or welded wire.. High tensile wire is a cost effective and proven standard cattle fence option using four or five wires and is durable with ability to withstand more than 1,000 pounds. fencing. livestock, predators and wildlife. Requires very little maintenance. Lasts a generation or more. DARE HIGH TENSILE FENCE SYSTEM DARE Minute -Man DARE Products, Inc. P.O. Box 157 Battle Creek, Ml 49016 USA 1-800-922-DARE (3273) FAX 269-965-326 How far apart do you put fence posts for cattle? Allow 1.6m2 per animal. Pen no wider than 3m, funneling into race or chute. Fences a little higher than normal - 1.3m high, 8 wire and batten, use 2.1m posts spaced 3-3.6m apart. Allow 5-10m2 per animal - a 15m x 20m holding paddock will hold 30 head comfortably Description. Cattle-Tuff is much stronger than the typical bull wire. This fencing is specifically designed for livestock control. 49 high with 12 vertical stay spacing. Generally, the material costs, including bracing, posts and wires are exactly the same as 5-strand barbed-wire fence based on 25' post centers A properly installed high-tensile fence is a strong, clean barrier that controls livestock and will last over 40 years in most areas with minimal maintenance. Learn More. 40 Matches . Filter Narrow your results by selecting from the options below Species. Bees (19) Camelids (37) Cattle (40) Deer (38).

(Lesson 3. Fencing Systems continued) High tensile fences are stronger and usually less expensive to build than traditional barbed and woven wire fences. Once you know a few simple wire-handling techniques you'll find they are also easier to build. Spinning Jenny Make sure you have a straight jacket handy on the day you try to [ Many people choose high tensile wire fencing as it is versatile, durable and incredibly affordable. It is quick to install, requires very little maintenance and is simple to repair. High tensile wire fencing can also easily be electrified, making it ideal for cattle owners High tensile fence is the top choice for many ranging from cattle ranchers to horse owners. The Problem: High tensile fence can be very very dangerous for horses. When Ed Robbins (Founder of Centaur Fencing) witnessed a friend's horse severely injure itself on unsafe wooden horse rail fencing, he decided to develop a product that was built.

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If you are using 12.5-gauge high-tensile wire, then use the same for your brace wire so an additional-size wire isn't needed. Finally, if you have six or more high-tensile wires, you may need two H-braces side by side for additional corner or end post strength If you want a fence that is easy to install, strong, and durable, you might want to try the high-tensile wire fence. For cattle, though, you should use barbed wire as, otherwise, they will push through. Such fences are available in both woven and smooth wire designs and promise to provide effectiveness no matter the design you choose

The most popular high tensile fence used for fencing in cattle is a simple five wire fence with posts spaced every 24 feet and having two wires electrified. It is popular with ranchers and farmers simply because it works well and is economical Fence height should be a minimum 39 inches. Today, high-tensile electric fencing, like our Zareba® aluminized steel wire is proving to be the most popular choice for cattle. It can be used for both perimeter and interior fencing. Electric fencing for beef cattle centers around two main features - the fence wire and the charger High Tensile Fixed-knot Wire Fencing for Cattle. For more of an upfront cost, you can get a long-lasting fence with high tensile fixed-knot wire fencing. As the best fence for cattle, these fences keep their shape, last longer, and don't need nearly as many replacement and repairs Red Brand Cross Lock® High Tensile Farm Fence 330'L x 49H with 12.5 Ga. Wire. Protect your investment with our most reliable confinement for cattle, hogs and other large animals. Cross Lock® Knot firmly affixes the fence wires together, providing superior resistance to movement from animal penetration or severe snowstorms Barbed wire has been the standard of cattle fence for years, despite the limitations of service life as a viable ranch fence material.. Now there is a new cattle fence solution for ranchers and property owners: High tensile fixed knot steel mesh fencing, designed to provide greater security and a long service life

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1. Selecting the Right Fence. Usually, livestock producers use board, cable, barbed wire, mesh, woven wire, electric, high-tensile, or a combination of two or more of these fence types on their farms. You can use most fence types for cattle, so you need to assess factors such as life cycle, cost, and ease of construction This Class III High-Tensile Fencing offers you the strength and durability you have come to expect in all OK Brand products. Max-Loc Fencing uses Fixed Knot technology, originally developed in New Zealand for raising deer. This technology introduces a third wire to tie the continuous vertical and horizontal wires together

5′ High Tensile Bison & Cattle Fence 660' $ 599.95 . High Tensile Deer Fence 6.5' x 165' $169.95- High Tensile Deer Fence 6.5' x 330' $339.95- Heavy Duty Game Fence 7.5' x 165' $ 259.95. Works well for elk and bison . 8′ High Tensile Game Fence 330'- 4x6. $ 739.95 . 8′ High Tensile Game Fence 330'- 4x12 Do it properly and a livestock fence can give as many as 20 years of trouble-free service. James Andrews spent the day with champion fencing contractor but a good contractor using high-tensile. I want to fence sheep on my own land. I have considered 5 wire high tensile and woven wire high tensile for perimeter fence. Woven wire is much more expensive, of course, but I am worried about predators going under the bottom wire of the five wire fence High-tensile non-electric wire fence The high tensile non-electric fence (see Table 3) uses eight strands of 12.5-gauge high-tensile wire on 4-inch diameter pressure-treated wood posts. Posts are 20 feet apart. Bracing uses three 8-inch diameter posts and two 4-inch diameter cross braces on each end 2.5. The 8/80/15 configuration is the most commonly used livestock fence in the UK. It comes in a variety of different wire diameters, knots and in high tensile or mild steel but the 8 line wire, 80cm high with 15cm between the stay wires configuration is ideal for all types of livestock. This one is high tensile with a hinged joint knot

Max-Lock High-Tensile Game Fence. 96″ Game Fence from OK Brand Wire offers high tensile performance to the game rancher with tall needs. Both horizontal line and vertical stay wires are of 12½ gauge high carbon steel. Lighter & Stronger Fixed Knot Game Fence weighs one-third less and offers the same linear strength as standard low carbon wire fencing and is easier to handle and install When you want the best, choose High Tensile 12.5g Solidlock® Pro Fixed Knot - the strongest woven wire fencing you can buy. Ideal for all types of livestock fencing and exclusion purposes, Solidlock ® Pro is designed with toughness and durability in mind. A locking fixed knot ties the vertical stay wires and the horizontal line wire together, providing maximum strength at 1,385 lb breaking.

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Barbed Wire The barbed wire shall be new, double strand steel, 12 ½ gauge; or 15 ½ gauge high tensile (Galvanized Class III) barbed wire. For cattle set top wire at least 42 inches above ground Our High Tensile Fencing is the strongest metal fence type on today's market for deer and cattle management. Was looking high and low for this particular fence, that would keep the smaller pests out at the bottom, AND the pesky deer - with larger openings at the top to allow the branches of my trees to grow Welcome to the Timeless Fence System. The system is composed of Rigid PVC T-Posts, H-Posts, Corner Kits, End Brace Kits, and Droppers - all designed to last for many years with minimal upkeep. The posts never need painting and will never rust or rot. The UV protective coating is backed by a 20 year Warranty A Red Brand fence is expected to last for 20-25 years once installed. Agricultural farmers, retail outlets and professional fence installers all agree that Red Brand is the best for quality fence products. If you are interested in an enclosure to contain your livestock or keep out unwanted guests, then feel free to contract Red Brand High Tensile Fixed-Knot Fences iii To contact a Stay-Tuff Fence Specialist, call us at 1-888-223-8322 or email Install@staytuff.com STEP-BY-STEP TABLE OF CONTENTS PLANNING 1. PLAN & MAP YOUR FENCE ON PAPER 1 A) Have a Total Plan 1 B) Getting Started

The 12-1/2 gauge high tensile wire is excellent for building boundary fences for livestock. It can also be electrified for use as an electric fence. At 200,000 PSI, this wire fencing is strong enough to contain cattle, sheep, and other livestock. It is also sturdy enough to keep unwanted predators away Shop Zareba® Aluminum Fencing » High Tensile. Great for containing livestock and keeping predators out; Can stand along, but is a more effective barrier when electrified; Commonly 12 - 12.5 gauge stainless steel wire; Shop Zareba ® High Tensile Fencing » Poly fencing options are a different type of wire Woven wire fences are one of the most secure and versatile fences available on the market. This type of fence is well-suited for horses as they can't get their feet tangled in it, and it is also very visible for a wire fence. It is almost impossible for cattle to get out without first destroying the fence—not a walk in the park. Woven wire fence also works great for keeping deer out as the.

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With a breaking strength of 1,259 lbs. - 30% stronger than low carbon wire - , High Tensile Cattleman ® Pro 14 ga Barbed Wire is robust enough for high-impact animal applications like bison and cattle fencing. When paired with Bekaert's industry-leading proprietary Bezinal ® +UV coating, it's the best fencing investment for farmers and. Go to FENCE TYPES to learn more now about the available styles of high tensile fence, electric fence, horse fence, and portable fence, and which ones may suit your needs best. MAX-FLEX™ Fence Systems specializes in modern styles of farm and ranch fencing, including high tensile fencing and high powered low impedance electric fence energizers (fence chargers), that increase productivity.

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Temporary Perimeter Fencing. Perimeter fencing is an important part of a rotational grazing system, and if, like a high tensile fence it's also electrified, it makes it easier to set up paddocks and move livestock. Here's the last in our series on setting up high tensile fence. (This piece was updated on 4/16/2019 with additional photos of. Stiff-Stay Horse Fence (Non-Climb) from 197.00. Stiff-Stay Sheep & Goat. 371.00. High Tensile Hinge Joint Fence. from 134.00. Tuff-Strand High Tensile Electric Fence. from 91.00. Stay-Tuff Barbed Wire - High Tensile Wire High tensile, fixed knot, 12-gauge, and Class 3 galvanization are combined qualities that create a fence far superior in performance and cost. Fixed-Knot Fence by the Numbers. Selection of a ranch fence often comes down to a value equation. High-tensile, fixed-knot Class 3 fences provide significant value Absolutely use high-quality wire when building permanent fences. For sheep, space three high-tensile wires from the ground at 8 inches, 16 inches and 28 inches. The 28-inch-high fence works fine for cattle, too. If a cow or yearling crosses a 28-inch-high fence, I consider that culling criteria, Gerrish says

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Field fence is a kind perimeter woven wire mesh fence for farming animals: cattles, horses, etc. This metal fence has high tensile strength and graduated opening specially designed for animal farming uses. According to weaving types, Dezhou Fence Staple Factory supplies two kinds: hinge joint and fixed knotted Max-Ten wire is a key component in the high tensile fencing system. We offer 3 different products under the Max-Ten brand of wire. The Max-Ten 200 , the Max-Ten 200+ and the Max-Ten 170. All three wires are 12 ½ gauge. An in-line wire strainer or ratchet as they are sometimes called are your tensioning devices on your fence

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High-tensile electric fencing This type of fencing has, as you'd well expect, a charge running through it, which acts as a deterrent to cattle who may try to test it. Tractor Supply Co. explains that a fence charger should deliver 2,000 volts to 3,000 volts to the fence line, in order to keep an animal contained safely High tensile fence, as the widest used type fencing for breeding deer, sheep, cattle and other animals, is made of high carbon steel with a carbon content of 0.28%. Generally, the higher carbon contents often represent higher wire strength and lower elongation everything along the way, high tensile wire can just be pulled down the length of the fence. There are however a couple of cautions. High-tensile wire is strong but does have a memory. Without some kind of device to help unwind it will turn into big ball of wire. Typically high tensile wire comes in 4000 or 8000 foot rolls. Before you untie the. Livestock Fencing. In the livestock industry, quality fencing can be an instrumental part of an operations overall efficiency and success. High Tensile Wire. High tensile fencing is a very cost effective way to fence large areas. High tensile fencing consists of several smooth wires which are . Read More

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High Tensile Introduced to the United States in the early 1970's, hi-tensile fences have proven itself as one of the most cost effective and durable livestock fences available. We use Bekaert 200,000 psi wire and 5-6″ diameter pressure treated posts, as well as quality American made insulators High tensile wire can withstand more than 1,000 pounds of livestock pressure and requires fewer posts and less time to erect and repair. Physical Characteristics of a Good Cattle Fence. While there are fencing options, there're also some qualities that are good ideas across the board

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Livestock & Equestrian Fencing. We have installed many miles for fencing for clients all over Central Virginia. Our specialty is fencing for cattle, horses, goats and deer exclusion. Our post drivers install a better post for a stronger fence. We always recommend the highest quality materials Piedmont Farm Systems provides quality sales and service to the commercial poultry and dairy industries, including grain storage facilities, livestock handling equipment, egg conveyor and packing machines, and grain storage and handling equipment for the brewery and distilling industries Our field fence is designed using a variety of spacing configurations to accommodate horses, cattle, hogs, and other large animals. As with all OK Brand Max-Tight products, our field fence has the added benefit of our unique Versi-Tail feature. This feature allows for easier installation by adding a 12 tail at the beginning of each. Field Fence: Cattle Fencing, Horse Fencing: High Tensile Woven Wire Fence Field fence, also known as cattle fence, horse fence or deer fence, is a kind of high tensile woven fence used in ranch pasture. It mainly serves as forest safety fence and perimeter fencing for horses, deer, sheep, goats, cattle, etc. Animal herding field fence can be used with T-Post and other steel posts