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Timing Belt Replacement Cost The average cost for timing belt replacement is between $576 and $659. Labor costs are estimated between $308 and $388 while parts are priced between $269 and $271. This range does not include taxes and fees, and does not factor in your specific vehicle or unique location The average timing belt replacement cost for a smaller car can range from $300 - $500 while a larger SUV or minivan will cost on average $700. On the highest end of the spectrum, you might need to pay $1,000 to have your timing belt serviced The cost of changing the timing belt is a bargain when you consider the cost to replace the entire engine. Start thinking about changing the timing belt once you cross the 90,000-mile threshold.

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The truth is, timing belt replacement costs can be several thousand dollars, though they usually sit somewhere between $500 and $2000 depending on your vehicle. As you'll find out soon though, that's a whole lot better than the bill you're in for if your timing belt slips or snaps! What Is A Timing Belt Timing belt, water pump, and serpentine belt was $640 including tax and labor and shop fees. Pushing it to 160k, you got lucky, it's not worth pushing the mileage, if that those belts stretch and jump a tooth your out an engine. $800 every 100k is not that big of a deal considering the alternative

timing belt/water pump Had the timing belt/water pump kit installed by the dealer at honda world downey in california, they charged me $843, but they also changed the front brake pads and changed the oil and filter for me. the car had 110k miles, now at 118k =) honda of glendale wanted $950 just for the t-belt/water pump kit The average water pump replacement cost is between $250 and $1500, depending on the car model and labor costs. The average price for parts is $150 to 700 and the average labor cost is $100 to $800 There are other repairs recommended doing at the same time as the water pump replacement on some car models Discussion Starter · #1 · Jul 31, 2015 Hi, my 2011 ody is approaching the 105K timing belt recommended service. Called my local honda dealer and got this quote: $1160 plus tax to replace the timing belt and water pump, and driving belt. I told them my driving belt is just fine but they said it's a service pack you must have it replaced as well Honda Timing Belt replacement cost starts 200$ and can go up to 1500$. Timing Belt Sync engine's camshaft & crank shaft. It is installed in your engine. You can see it without any technical knowledge just by opening Timing Cover

Replacing your timing belt and water pump is not a cheap job by any means. When it comes to getting this work done, you need to be a little suspicious of any shops that might offer you a too-good-to-be-true deal. Typically, when you get this work done, you're looking at a cost between $500 in $1,000. On some models this can get as high as $2,000 When think of cost to replace water pump and timing belt for instance, a smaller vehicle may cost you between the range of $300 and $500 for replacement of timing belt. However, if it is a larger vehicle such as minivan, SUV, bus etc., you should be looking at a cost of about $700 on the average scale Remove timing belt tensioner and idler pulleys. Remove timing belt. If replacing the water pump, do so at this time, and of course drain the cooling system first. If the engine cooling system thermostat is only accessible with water pump replacement, the thermostat should be replaced as well The average cost for a Honda Accord timing belt replacement is between $579 and $669. Labor costs are estimated between $344 and $434 while parts are priced at $235. This range does not include taxes and fees, and does not factor in your specific model year or unique location. Related repairs may also be needed What is the average price for a timing belt, water pump tensioner and idler pulley replacement cost. I have called 2 dealers both are quoting me $1100.00

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2000 honda odyssey timing belt replacement cost, Honda Odyssey, honda belt 2000 pilot timing kit 2003 2004 odyssey delco 2001 2002 gas v6 5l, honda timing belt odyssey 2004 2003 kit aisin 2000 tkh 2001 pilot civic 2002 replacement engine acura tl component awesome, timing belt honda acura cl kit mdx accord odyssey tl pilot direct replacement 2000 2l 5l, odyssey pilot pump fits 2004 honda 2000. Includes parts and labor $493 - $565 Important Info & Definitions Valid for ZIP Code 23917 About Timing Belt Replacement Critical to the operation of your vehicle, the timing belt synchs the.. The belt will have stretched and getting the timing set exactly right is difficult. The majority of the cost of belt or water pump replacement is the labor. You should invest in a new belt. This rule also applies when you are replacing a timing belt. You should consider having the water pump replaced at the same time Timing belt: 14400-R9P-A01 (and maybe tensioner too? 14520-RCA-A01) Accessory belt: 31110-5G0-A01 Water pump: 19200-RDV-J01 (may want to also buy the gaskets while you're at it 19222-P8A-A01. Hoses and stuff are also a good idea) Power steering is electric, no fluid needed! Gone are the days of ATF in your PS bottle Audi A1 Timing Belt And Water Pump Replacement cost. Check out the ClickMechanic price for an Audi A1 Timing belt and Water pump replacement in the UK. You can book online and the mobile mechanics on our network will come and do the work on your doorstep, one way to make your life a little easier! Excellent rating - 4.7 out of 5 ( 9000+ reviews

Ford Fiesta Timing Belt And Water Pump Replacement cost. Check out the ClickMechanic price for a Ford Fiesta Timing belt and Water pump replacement in the UK. You can book online and the mobile mechanics on our network will come and do the work on your doorstep, one way to make your life a little easier! Excellent rating - 4.7 out of 5 ( 9000. Water pump replacement; We replace your water pump at the same time as your timing belt. This is because the lifespan of a water pump is unknown. By doing this, you can avoid an expensive labor charge in the future. Idler Pulleys, Tensioners, Drive Belts, Crankshaft, and Camshaft Services; These parts of your engine will be checked and replaced Timing belts wear out over time, and are required to be replaced at certain manufacturer intervals, along with the timing belt tensioner and idler pulleys the belt runs on. Timing Belt Replacement can cost between $500-$800. Compare and Book with Australia's largest network of mechanics. Get a free quote today

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However, Carfax explains, there are some reasons why replacing the water pump and timing belt together is a good idea. For one, the water pump's lifespan is typically 60,000-100,000 miles. And if the timing belt fails, whether due to simple age, or the failure of a tension pulley or bearing, the water pump will likely fail along with it Timing Belt Replacement Cost. You should know right off the bat that this is not a cheap fix. In fact, replacing your timing belt is quite an expensive repair. Most auto mechanics will charge anywhere from $500 - $2,000 to replace a timing belt due to the labor costs involved with the job 2008 Honda Pilot EX-L 2013 Honda Pilot EX-L. Joined Apr 8, 2019. ·. 1,440 Posts. #2 · 9 mo ago. That is pretty reasonable dealer rip off price. I paid $1,000 for an independent Honda mechanic. I think the most my dealership in GA will charge is $1,400. Make sure they are replacing the timing belt, tensioner and water pump DIY - Timing belt, water pump, new belt tensioners, misc parts alone were $500. I did belt change #2 so included everything. First one was done by Toyota dealer for $500, but that was a decade ago. (Someone screwed up in the marketing department, no doubt) RockAuto has a complete kit, for your truck, with water pump (Kit Includes: Water Pump, Idler Bearing, Tensioner Bearing, Hydraulic Tensioner, Timing Belt) from $145 - $200, just the timing belt and idler is $60 - $110. Plus we get a discount on them. I bet that the dealership is not including anything in that deal except the timing belt and idler

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I called the Toyota dealer last month, they want $860 to replace timing belt, belts and water pump. I found another reputable shop that will do the same for $550. I replaced my belt about 8 years ago, only have about 70k on it now, but Toyota recommends replacing it at 6 years/90k miles Parts (belt, water pump, idler, tensioner and bolts) cost around $250 and average is 375-575 depending on the Guru. I priced dealers here before I did mine, and they quoted between 1100 and 1300 for a timing belt... I had a guru do it and other service for less than that combined. H Cost me $500 for my '99 Civic for the belt and pump. I also had my mechanic change drive belts, resurface rotors, align/balance all 4 wheels, change spark plugs, replace all fluids for no additional cost, and fix a huge dent on the side of my car, so it kinda worked out

So, if the timing belt breaks due to the water pump or some other component failure, both the piston and the valve it strikes can and will be damaged. Ouch! Damage of this nature will result in either a best case scenario, like a major and costly repair; or worst case scenario, like a complete engine replacement The cost to replace a timing belt for a Subaru Forester varies between $874 and $1493 based on your model year and whether you get it done at a local mechanic or at the dealership. Subaru Forester. Model Years. Local Mechanic Cost (Belt + Tensioner + Idlers + Seals + Water Pump) Dealership Cost. 1997 - 1999 Chances are your engine will need a new water pump before the next timing belt replacement job at 180,000 miles. If you don't replace the pump at 90,000 miles and it fails, you'll pay the full labor cost again. If you feel you might be in a better financial position at a later time, then opt out of the water pump replacement at 90,000 miles ECCPP Timing Belt Kit Automotive Replacement Timing Belt Water Pump Valve Cover Kit For Fit for TOYOTA Celica 2.0L 2.2L TBK138VC 3SFE 5SFE 1987-2001 4.5 out of 5 stars 112 $55.99 $ 55 . 9 Typical cost for replacing the timing belt and water pump only is $1200-1600 or so. I suspect that those paying $1800 or more probably had additional work included in that figure

Posts: 22. Real Name: Kameron. I had my timing belt and water pump done with asian kit for about $1,000 by an independent mechanic here in the Denver area. I also had my cam seals, thermostat and my crank position sensor replaced at the same time. Last edited by KamKoz; 03-09-2018 at 01:54 PM Replacing the timing belt is within the capabilities of a competent DIY (do it yourself) owner, but access to the shop manuals and some special tools are required. Typical shop cost for timing belt and water pump replacement runs from $500 (all amounts in US dollars) to $1000, while the DIY cost should run from $250 to $300 the dealership that I work at will charge you 6 hours of labor for everything. And actually we charge 110 dollars per hour, if you do the timing belt bundle which is the timing belt,drive belts and water pump they lower the rate to 90 per hour as a promotion HI there. My water pump just went out on my 2004 300M with 85000 miles. My cost was about $400 to replace the water pump and timing belt. I recommend replacing the water pump at the same time since you have to take the timing belt off to change the water pump. $350 is a good price. The dealer will charge you double that

Gundalf said: Just got the timing belt and both other belts replaced at a very reputable local Garage in western Md. and the costs were as follows, parts (all belts) listed for $204.48 and with the shop 10% parts discount, were $181.48 and labor at 55 per hour was $165.00, supplies $8.80 + $11.42 tax.. As the timing belt is located inside the engine, it may not be possible to provide an exact repair cost until after the transmission belt, oil seals, tensioner, water pump, and guides have been inspected by the mechanic for damage. The size of the timing belt will also affect the price

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Replace the lower timing belt cover for about $100; Drill a hole in your existing lower timing belt cover so the water pump weep hole tube can stick out, then fill the old hole w/silicon glue. If you buy a new cover you will need a grommet. 19200-PR7-A03 Water pump 11810-PR7-A02 '97 lower timing belt cover 11816-PR7-000 Grommet. Many dealers. Bearings in #16, #17 (idler pulleys) or the water pump are probably going out, hence the squeal. #13 is the belt itself (~$50 OEM). Hardest part is getting the crankshaft bolt off & knowing where the timing marks are The cost to replace a timing belt for a Saturn Vue varies between $788 and $1141 based on your model year and whether you get it done at a local mechanic or at the dealership. Saturn Vue. Model Years. Local Mechanic Cost (Belt + Tensioner + Idlers + Seals + Water Pump) Dealership Cost. 2002 - 2003

Step 15 - Replace water pump, timing belt and button her back up Before you replace the water pump, be sure to clean the surface where the new gasket will go. The aluminum can scratch and gouge easily, so use a plastic putty knife to scrape away any of the old gasket residue Timing belts need replacements every so often, but when and how much that belt replacement will cost you can vary from car to car, mechanic to mechanic. For that reason, it is good to know what a timing belt is in your car and what it does, so that you can understand where the huge variance comes from when you get a few quotes from local garages All, I have a 2011 Golf Diesel TDI, with almost 93,000 miles. Was just given an estimate at the dealership for a timing belt replacement: Timing belt/Water pump replacement: $968.36 ($792 Labor, parts $148.20) Water pump: $146.97 Tensioners/Rollers: $480.81 Hardware: $17.71 Coolant: $29.16 Does.. Honda Accord: How to Replace Timing Belt, Timing Balancer, and Water Pump. As per Honda, your timing belt needs to be serviced every 50,000 to 80,000 miles. While you're in there, there are a few other important things to address like the timing balancer and the water pump

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Timing Belt Kit with Water Pump - Compatible with 2003-2017 Honda Accord, Pilot, Odyssey, Ridgeline, Acura MDX, RDX, RL TL, TSX, ZDX - Replace # TCKWP329 TKH-002 TKH002 - Timing Belt Water Pump Kit 4.4 out of 5 stars 27 A water pump is $100-$150 the labor to add it while doing the timing belt is almost nothing. A lot of times you can find a timig belt kit that includes the water pump, timing belt, replacement pulleys and gaskets that is a pretty good deal. It's foolish to not do one while doing the other. J Why replace your VW Passat water pump during timing belt service? It makes sense from a labor standpoint since timing belt dis-assembly is required for water pump replacement. The water pump is driven by the timing belt and contains an internal sealed bearing that has a life span similar to the timing belt, tensioner, and idler bearings

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the timing belt again at around 160K and then do the water pump and idler pulley at that time (plus any oil seals that may be starting to leak) The engines the call for a 90K timing belt replacement interval have a heavier duty type timing belt compared to the engines that have a 60K interval Align the installation mark on the timing belt (white arrow marked CR) and crankshaft line up as shown in pic. Run the belt over the No. 1 and No. 2 idler pulleys and under the water pump pulley. 35) Install the timing belt guide; see step 23 to see how it should look, then press backspace to return here Acura TL 2009-2014 and MDX: How to Replace Timing Belt and Water Pump. Replacing the timing belt is one of those decisions to make if you have time and less of a pocketbook to support the dealership. If you have the mad skills needed to do the work, it's not an issue. Understanding what needs to be done can be found in the following article Replacing the water pump on a 2005 Dodge Stratus 2.4L DOHC engine. While replacing the pump, it is also a good idea to change the timing belt while everythin..

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1A Auto shows you how to remove, install, change a worn out, damaged, or broken timing belt. This video is applicable to the 02, 93, 94, 95, 96, 97, 98, 99,. Since timing belt replacement is rather labor intensive, it is common to replace the water pump and timing belts rollers whenever servicing the timing belt. Similarly, if the timing belt-driven water pump has kicked the bucket and requires replacement, the timing belt will need to be removed anyway, so it is best to swap in a new one Audi A4 B7: How to Replace Timing Belt and Water Pump. Replacing the timing belt is a necessary evil. It's not an easy job, but not the hardest you could do either. Having a shop replace the timing belt for you is going to cost you some decent coins. If you want to save some money, this is one job which can do that for you Im sitting at 90k miles on my 2010 CT, so I have been planning on timing belt replacement soon. I was at my local Panama City, FL Honda getting fluid the other day, and got a price to do the change, plus water pump, serpentine, tensioner. I was quoted $1200 for the whole job. I about fell out of the chair. I was expecting $800 There is a serpentine or timing belt making the water pump turn and pump coolant. If the water pump axle gets worn out it may cause a loose belt. If this happens, you are looking at a complete replacement of the water pump. To feel if the water pump's axle is loose, you have to remove the serpentine or timing belt

Depending on exactly what is included, a complete timing belt package can cost $300-$1,600 or more. For example, Clutch & Brake Doctors in Beaverton, OR advertises a timing belt replacement starting at $169 and a complete package with a timing belt, tensioner, water pump, drive belts, crankshaft seals and cam seals starting from $388 Removal and installation - 6.6 hrs at $80/hr - $528. Diagnosis - 1.0 hr at $80/hr - $80. Shop supplies - $10. Cost of repair - $683. The average cost to replace a car's water pump can be as low as $200 to $300 with an externally mounted water pump and as high as $600 to $800 if the timing cover must be removed in order to access. Depending on your vehicle's make and model, you can pay anywhere from $150 to $800 for a new water pump, including labor. This is why it is highly recommended to have the timing belt replaced at the same time since the labor cost is the majority of the total price. Do not pay more than $800

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  4. g Belt Water Pump Replacement in Memorial, Houston, TX - Hare Repair, Uptown Automotive, J & T Automotive, HCS Automotive, Christian Brothers Automotive West Galleria, Sal's Westheimer Auto Service, Asia Auto Care, Hooshang Auto Repair, Salahs Auto, Spring Branch Auto Repair & Body Sho
  5. Below you can read about car water pump replacement cost, signs which indicate that the pump should be replaced and how to save money on that service. Water Pump Replacement Cost The cost for replacing a water pump can be anything from $280 to $700 depending on the brand and model of your car, and this cost usually includes both the parts.
  6. g chain replacement will range between $910 and $1,600. The labor costs are estimated between $550 and $1050 while parts are priced between $410 and $550. The price will depend on your actual car drive
  7. g belt and water pump change should be around $600-800. Job is generally easy, it's just fairly time consu

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The timing belt service interval for an 06 Sienna (my wife's) is 7yr/90k miles, whichever comes first. Your van is 18k overdue. The 3.3 6 cyl is an interference engine, a timing belt failure would be catastrophic and the cost would be thousands not hundreds The pump is driven by the timing belt on a Megane, in some other cars it ois driven by a separate belt. Anyhow if the timing belt is tensioned properly there should not be a problem. If you get the pump done at the same time as the timing belt I'd say it'll add ~120 quid to the price (renault dealer price) Water pumps are driven by the timing belt and hence they can last as long as the latter does. On an average, water pumps can last anywhere between 60,000 and 90,000 miles. Of course, some water pumps may be damaged well before its time and need a quick replacement to safeguard the engine i did the water pump, serpentine belt and all pulleys/tensioners. might as well, you have a ton of room to work with and the mount out. Cost me about 170 bucks for all the parts and about 5-6 hours of labor. Shops will probably charge you about 400-600 for these procedures If you have a shop do your timing belt, they will want to replace the valve cover gasket set. it is worth the extra money to get one from Honda. I would expect $500-$600 labor for the timing belt and coolant pump, probably another $100 to adjust the valves at the most

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The replacement cost of a water pump will vary due to the amount of labor it will take to get to the pump in a particular application. The determining factory is: front or rear wheel drive, (front wheel drive car's are generally tougher due to the limited space to work on the engine) and if the water pump is timing belt or timing chain driven Approximate Cost To Replace Timing Belt And Water Pump - Toyota 4runner Forum - Largest 4runner Forum. Toyota 4Runner Forum - Largest 4Runner Forum 3rd gen T4Rs >Approximate cost to replace timing belt and water pump Got a 2002 SR5 4x4 with 110,000 on it Check for leaks and replace them if necessary. Water pump (optional) You need to remove the timing belt to replace the water pump. A water pump may last anywhere from 70,000 to 170,000 miles. We waited - ours lasted a long time. You need to decide. You'll save a lot of labor if you do it now, and water pumps are under $100. The Breakdown..

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  4. g belt for 2014 Audi Q5 with 96,000km on it. Audi downtown quoted 2400+tax which is insane given that they had my car for 100,000km service just a few months back. Never Audi again for me, so many problem

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Today, as a precautionary step I replaced the timing belt, drive belts and water pump in my 2000 Avalon XLS at 69,000 miles. It cost $855.46, including an exhorbitant labor charge of $606.95. I asked the service tech about the coolant level and he said it must be filled to lower limit when the engine is cold Timing belt components usually include an idler pulley, water pump, timing belt and tensioner. If your belt suffers from cracking or abrasions, you should replace it immediately. The latter is typically caused by a tensioner or pulley misalignment, bearing failure or extreme heat. Glazing is also a common symptom of a malfunctioning belt POLO Timing belt kit with water pump ; PASSAT Timing belt kit with water pump Free shipping across UK starts from the total cost of £ 120 Except for deposit and bulky goods. We use cookies so we can offer you the best service. By using our website you agree to the use of cookies Additionally, the water pump on these engines sits right between the V of the timing belts, so if you are going to change the water pump, you might as well replace the timing belt while you are at it and vice versa. Toyota recommends a 60k mile timing belt maintenance interval for their V6 models and 90k miles on the V8 engine They always have the Timing Belt, Water Pump Replacement for all yrs & models of ACURA cars. For 99-03 3.2 TL the sale price is $630 regular $918 this includes Replace timming belt, waterpump, a/c belt,power steering belt, alternator belt & tensioner pulley Add up to 1 gallon of antifreeze

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Timing Belt, Water Pump & Component Kit: Choose for Me to Minimize Cost Choose for Me to Minimize Cost. Related Parts. Related Parts. Belt Repair Manual. Engine Repair Manual. Water Pump Standard Replacement . AISIN . w/o Hydraulic Tensioner. AISIN . $138.79: $0.00: $138.79: Alternate: Quantity: Add to Cart Replacing the Timing Belt, Water Pump, Tensioner, and Guide Pulley on a Honda Pilot. This article shows you, in a video and with written instructions, the replacement of the timing belt, water pump, tensioner and guide pulleys on the 2005 - 2015 Honda Pilot like this one.The service interval is 105,000 miles or 7 years Save time and dollars on your next timing belts purchase. Over 12 Years of saving people money and providing great customer service. Check our low-cost options today. The average cost for timing belt replacement is between $38.98 and $312.98. (1,341 Reviews) Timing Belt Reviews 3.0 L engine (Chrysler): replace water pump and timing belt and oil seals. The pump or the pump gasket will leak. It can be hard to pinpoint the source, but if it is coming up from high on the engine, the pump is the likely source. This repair is difficult, owing to the location of the water pump on the front of the engine, under the timing. Just received $1,800 quotes from two different local Acura dealerships for replacing the timing belt, water pump, and spark plugs and inspecting the valve clearance. 3 people found this helpful. I've got 306,000 miles on my 2008 TLS! A local shop for water pump and timing belt - quoted $700 for both

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Designed for replacement of worn or damaged OEM timing belts, idler pulleys, timing belt tensioners, and water pumps. Includes camshaft, crankshaft, balance shaft, and/or engine oil seals as needed for a complete job. This kit takes the complexity out of finding all the parts needed As promised, here are my trials and tribulations from the 90k service on my 2005 4.7L V8 Access Cab with 92,000 miles. Cost: approx. $450. Time Spent: 12 hours. After thoroughly researching timing belt/water pump replacement How To's I purchased a timing belt kit from volkstoy on ebay for $318 with free shipping As a rule of thumb, it is best practice to replace the timing belt and water pump together every 60k miles. Part 1 is only needed if you are looking to replace only the water pump. Since the timing cover is off and there is easy access, consider replacing both idlers, tensioner, accessory belts, thermostat and hose Our water pump made it 170,000 miles. We would have thrown out good water pumps at 60,000 and 120,000 had we replaced them at the time. Still, this is a personal decision you need to make. To replace the water pump, start with the Timing Belt instructions. Once you get to the point where it tells you to change the water pump, come back here It may also be part of a greater problem that needs solving and so, can end up costing more than $500. Nelson J. April 10, 2020. The average cost for a toyota camry timing belt replacement is between $508 and $776.The average cost for a toyota camry water pump replacement is between $389 and $521. Leave your answer

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