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  1. Artillery Shell. Trying to find Artillery Shell on sale? Are you trying to find Artillery Shell or relevant products? This web site features a large variety of Artillery Shell, including items such as WWI, Revolutionary War, Cold War, Civil War, and many extra.Browse our comprehensive selection of WWI, or try doing a search for a particular Artillery Shell with the site search
  2. As a matter of fact, a British couple attempted to bring in undetected a live artillery shell to the Gare du Nord July of 2010. In an interview with BBC News, an official of the French national railway, SNCF, revealed that artillery shell collectors attempting to bring in vintage shells with them was a fairly regular happening. It's always Brits, he even went on to say
  3. Description. Koto Collection. 24 shells, (12) 6″ and (12) 5″. Loaded with double breaks and the always great, Nishiki Kamuro effect. A great canister shell! Effects: (6″ double break shells) Two Each- Assorted Double Breaks. A: Red coco palm with silver plum blossom + green coco palm with gold plum blossom
  4. CS 12-pdr Polygonal Half Shell #1 Our Price: $185 CS 12-pdr Polygonal Half Shell #1 Superb example of a wood fused polygonal shell. Fragments of these shells are frequent recoveries from Civil War battlefields

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Shell is solid casting, or bolt and was designed to be used against opposing cannon by striking the equipment . This shell was manufactured for the rifled 6 pounder, and is unusual, most shells of this type were made for the larger James 3.8in. caliber. Projectile measures: diameter 3.65in., length 6.5in. weight 11lbs., with sabot Artillery Shells are primarly a ball made of cardboard and paper that is filled with pyrotechnic composition. On the bottom of the ball there is a small amount of composition known as the lift charge or lift bag. All reloadable shells come with their own tubes that are made of cardboard, fiberglass or H.D.P.E (High Density Poly-Ethylene) Our members are a diverse group of collectors of antique militaria (ammuntion, bullets, cartridges, and relics) and historians. We are subject matter experts and collectors of relics ranging from ammunitions, artillery shells, buckles and plates, bullets, buttons, cartridges, edged weapons, firearms, and just about any other relic you can imagine

Copper Chronicles: How a Shipyard Worker Hammered Artillery Shells into Art. When a 7.8-magnitude earthquake struck San Francisco on the morning of April 18, 1906, it triggered three days of fires, destroying almost 30,000 structures and leaving more than half the city's residents homeless. Once the embers cooled, the quake spurred an equally. VIEW DETAILS. Original U.S. WWII-Style Set of 8 Dummy .30-06 Cartridges in M1 Garand En-Bloc Clip. $19.95. VIEW DETAILS. Original WWII-Style Dummy German 7.92×33mm Kurz Cartridges for the MP 44 / Stg 44. $2.75. VIEW DETAILS. U.S. WWII M1/M1A1 Bazooka Rocket Launcher Canvas Web Sling - Green. $14.95

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Trench Art Lamp Base WW1 Artillery Shell Casing Militaria Field Artillery, French Antique Great War Shell Casing, Found And Flogged FoundAndFlogged 5 out of 5 stars (1,131) Sale Price $100.38 $ 100.38 $ 111.54 Original Price $111.54 (10%. Here I explain how I determined that the artillery shells I have been finding in the river are not dangerous.ssFollow the ChiggsArmy!My Patreon: https://www... Display Decorative, Historical Memorabilia Using Artillery Shells. Artillery shells were used in many large long-range weapons over the course of World War II. If you are interested in adding some of these pieces to your collection of historical WWII items, you can check out a fine selection of affordable military artillery shells for sale on eBay

Union and Confederate troops lobbed an estimated 1.5 million artillery shells and cannonballs at each other from 1861 to 1865. As many as one in five were duds. Some of the weapons remain buried. Koto Collection. A mix of 5 and 6 shells that are Japanese inspired. Brand: Asian Pyro. Kit Size: 29-5/16″ H x 9-1/4″ W x 5-15/16″ D. Shell Size: 5 & 6 H x 1.75 W. *Use Add to Cart button to shop fireworks online during season. Use Pre-Order Now for all year long pre-orders for each season (Learn more)

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FABULOUS CIVIL WAR ARTILLERY PROJECTILE COLLECTION. This collection on display at the Greene Museum is quite extensive exhibiting among the smallest to the largest of rifled cannon projectiles. This collection of over 40 items includes one of the rarest and smallest projectiles, a 2.25 shell for breech loading Confederate mountain rifle. These particular projectile with two lead embedded. To get an exact answer you'd have to describe the shell(s) you have, the condition they're in and where you are. If it's the projectile part of the shell, unless it's been disarmed it's worth nothing and would be extremely dangerous to have anywhe.. Mar 30, 2015 - Collection of excavated Civil War artillery shells and fragments including a possible Confederate shell, grape shot, Schenkal, and solid cannon ball. 9 items plus approximately 24 mini balls. All found circa 1920 on owner's family property, part of the site of the Battle of Peachtree Creek in Atlanta, GA. Private Atlanta, GA collection Unique WW1 WW2 swagger stick Shell Brass Trench Art wood bullet military. $75.00. $18.73 shipping. 20 watching. Brass WW2 USA 75MM M5A1 Pack HOW. Type1 Artillery Shell Case TRENCH ART WWII

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Artillery Shells Koto Collection. Artillery Shells, New for 2021 Koto Ring Shells. Artillery Shells, New for 2021 Neon Diablo 24. Artillery Shells Neon Diablo 5 inch Canister. Artillery Shells Night Walkers. IN STORE ONLY. Artillery Shells Star Spangled Cannon. Artillery Shells The Patriot 6 inch Canister Small shell stands for 3in rifled projectiles -- back in stock! $20 : For Sale N00030 : Collecting Inventory Software: See Text : For Sale N00029 : Large size artillery projectile display stands: 22, 25, 28 : For Sale N00014 : Electrolysis Services: 25-50+ For Sal New artillery book is at the printer! Click here to find out more info and see a sample copy. During the American Civil War more varieties of artillery projectiles and cannon were used than in any other time in military history.The outbreak of hostilities in 1861, found inventors on both sides searching for the perfect blend of sabot, body, and fuze to create the artillery projectile that. Home / Products / Artillery Shells / #500 BROTHERS COLLECTION View Larger Image #500 BROTHERS COLLECTION BP2215-1 Multicolored Brocade BP2215-2 Golden stars to crackling BP2215-3 Purple crackling flowers BP2215-4 Red Bouquets. Price $ Quantity. Add to Cart. Related Products. PROFESSIONAL 5 SHELLS CANISTER.

Collection: Artillery Filter by. Sort by 33 products. Festival Balls (BoomWoW) Festival Balls (BoomWoW) Excalibur Cannister artillery shell. Excalibur Cannister artillery shell. Regular price $124.00 Sale price $124.00 Regular price. Unit price / per . Sale Sold out. Growler Artillery Kit (WC Original Shell Jackets( Cavalry/Artillery) Federal soldier wearing an issued Artillery shell jacket. Notice how ill fittings his trousers are, even thu his stripes indicate he is the company quartermaster! Standard issue cavalry issue shell jacket. Made by. H.E. HARKNESS it has the standard twelve button front, trimmed in yellow wool twill tape

This is a chance of a lifetime for the Collector to have an original crate full as issued, and/or for use by military re-enactors and shooters at Military rifle shoots, Machinegun shoots, etc. price for the original crate. $750.00 WW2 US Navy factory ordnance cutaway 5 Navy Artillery Shell for 538 Gun. Like New. $150.00. 002282: Civil War. Original Late 18th Century Small Bronze Minion Cannon - 2 Bore. $9,995.00. VIEW DETAILS. SALE! Original German WWII PAK 36 Stielgranate 41 37mm High Explosive Anti-Tank Stick Grenade with Transit Tube. $3,995.00 $2,995.00. VIEW DETAILS. Original British Victorian Era Cannon Wagon Wooden Wheel- 36 Inch Diameter. $795.00

The first artillery weapons, appeared well before the First World War and most often present on battlefields since the last periods of the middle-age, first launched solid cast iron or stone bullets, or various material grape-shot.. 1273 a.d. records can be found of the use of a gunpowder cannon by the Arab Sultan Abou-Youssouf, shooting of the 'iron gravel' on the besieged soldiers of. Authentic Civil War relic from Pickett's Charge (July 3, 1863) recovered from the Gettysburg Battlefield. An extra large exploded artillery shell piece. Recovered from the Gettysburg battlefield before it was National Park and is 100% legal to own. A remarkable relics from history's most famous infantry charge. Comes labeled in box relics will vary from piece to piece (not the one in the photo.

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The shell launcher for this artillery was specially designed and extensively tested to ensure that it can handle the 12 shots included in the package. Each shell effect has been hand picked and custom made. Size: 1-3/4″ Ø shell. Shots: 12. Breaks: 12. Effects: 1. Crackle. 2. Blue star. 3. Red star & blue star. 4. Red star & white glitter. 5. Most of those who have been involved with artillery projectile collecting, both today and in the past, are directly tied to the hobby because of Tom Dickey. A consequence of my collection efforts has been that I have learned many ways to defuse shells, and preserve iron, wood and leather relics with a good degree of success

Doughboy Military Collectables. Buy, Sell, Trade, Consignments. 425 Boonville Avenue Springfield, Missouri 65806 Phone (417) 865-996 ARTILLERY Ammunition 37 mm +. INERT DEACTIVATED Unfired German WW2 3.7cm SC/30 (37x380R) Round With An Unfired HE (High Explosive Projectile). Sn O 1312 - O 1312. This is an INERT DEACTIVATED German WW2 3.7cm SC/30 high explosive trace (HET) round for the 3.7cm Schiffskanone SK C/30, a German naval pattern high altitude, high velocity, anti. 25MM Bushmaster Cannon Collectors Dummy Round $34.99. In Stock. Sold by Northern Arms LLC and ships from Amazon Fulfillment. FREE Shipping. Details. A-10 30mm Dummy Round Thunderbolt II Warthog Military Decor Collectors OEM GAU-8 Avenger $85.00. Only 5 left in stock - order soon

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-1 76 mm Shell Case from a M-41 tank. The white lettering on the bottom of the casing is AMMLOTIOP-2-1-X. On the base is AMMLOT IOP, 2-1-X CTG AP-T M?9. M32 and T124. Engraved in the base is M88B1 Don't leave your ammunition collection on open display, carry your newly purchased inert artillery shell under your arm down the street, or put a bring-back relic grenade in your hand luggage from that overseas holiday 75 mm artillery shell, decorated. Pritzker Military Library . Contact Information View in Google Maps Details 1 shell : brass ; 33 cm in height, 9 cm in diameter [Watertown, NY] : [New York Air Brake Company], [between 1914 and 1918] Shell is made of somewhat dented brass, the majority of which is pebbled to reveal an embossed, engraved, and. Artillery shell, decorated. Pritzker Military Library . Contact Information View in Google Maps Details 1 shell : brass ; 36 cm in height, 7 cm in diameter [London] : [Vickers, Sons & Maxim], [between 1914 and 1918] Shell is made of polished brass, with a flared top edge crimped to resemble a pie crust.. Collectors and historians can view the internal construction of that part of artillery that brought about so much death and destruction during the American Civil War

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Classifieds - Artillery and Self Propelled Weapons For Sale . Visit the Dealers. 04 August '21. Cherished Vehicle Insurance . Cherished Vehicle Insurance understands the passion that military vehicle owners & collectors have for their vehicles, which is why for 2020 we have enhanced our products. Cherished Military Vehicle Insurance can. A remarkable find for your collection. This U.S. Military Surplus 105MM Howitzer Shell Casing is the real deal, fired from a blank 105mm cartridge during training exercises. A real blast of artillery history, and an instant conversation piece. 105mm cartridge blank for M395 Howitzer artillery; Aluminum construction; 4.75 diameter, 6h. Order. Fig. 10. Shell casing decorated by an unknown soldier, probably French, c. 1916. Engraved Souvenir 1914-15-16. 75mm French artillery shell with copper bullets, height 13 3/4 inches. Fig. 11. Details of a pair of shell casings decorated by Paul Usunier, 1916. 75mm French artillery shells, height of each shell 9 1/4 inches. Fig. 12 Ammo Solid shot or shell: Cannons & Artillery: 20: Nov 16, 2019: Ammo 20-Pounder Parrott Shell: Cannons & Artillery: 9: Nov 7, 2019: Uniforms What type of shell jacket is this soldier wearing (early war Virginia cavalry)? Uniforms & Relics: 11: Nov 3, 2019: Ammo Coast Guard Finds 12-pound Bormann Artillery Shell in Donaldsonville, LA: Cannons. Dec 10, 2015 - Dug Civil War 3 Confederate Mullane or Tennessee Sabot Artillery Shell - John Plank Geilseman collection Here is a rare Confederate 3 bourreleted Mullane Type 1 common shell. It was recovered from the Gettysburg Battlefield prior to being illegal to recover artifacts from the battlegrounds. Also known as a Tennessee Sabot, this type artillery round and its longer-nosed.

About the Club The BSCC aims to promote interest in all aspects of conchology and shell collecting and to stimulate an exchange of information and specimens. We strongly encourage the use of good environmental practices when collecting specimens. The BSCC was founded in 1972 and we held our first exhibition in 1976. The range of our activities is very wide, from the scientific study of living. 12 cm. Gun, 1861 and '61/95 (mobile reserve of heavy artillery), with 1861 shell. 15 cm. Gun, 1861 and '61/95 (mobile reserve) with 1861 shell. M6 (Muster 1906) This fuze is like the 1880 pattern percussion fuzes ; but has a metal case, containing a gaine, screwed to the base Artillery shell casing being ejected Collection. Collection of World War I photographs issued by the Division of Pictures of the Committee on Public Information of the United States. Collection of World War I photographs issued by the Division of Pictures of the Committee on Public Information of the United States. Dates / Origi Colouring of 88mm Artillery Shells. lanto44. 76. lanto44. 76. Post Nov 04, 2006 #1 2006-11-04T04:38. Could anyone let me know or provide me with a weblink to the colouring sequence and/or markings used on the 88mm shells used in the flak 36/37. I am building an anti-aircraft bunker with the 88mm gun as the centre piece and need to know the.

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Due to high demand I have finally made a video showing you how to clean a WW1 artillery shell fuse- also works for any brass objects!What you need:1. fuse/ b.. Deactivated Complete Brass Artillery Shell. Currency: CAD Category: Firearms & Military Start Price: 5.00 CAD Estimated At: NA. Loading zoom. SOLD. 110.00 CAD to P*****6 + (16.50) buyer's premium + applicable fees & taxes. This item SOLD at 2020 May 31 @ 21:25 UTC-4 : AST/EDT

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Shells dating from WW1 are on sale online for between £45 ($70) and £85 ($133). One British collector said it was not hard at all to find old shells in French flea markets. More than a billion shells were fired during World War One Old shells are often uncovered when French and Belgian fields are ploughe Antique Artillery Reproductions and Muzzle Loading Cannon Replicas. British light 6# on Naval truck. We are the experts when it comes to antique artillery reproductions and muzzle loading cannon replicas. Anybody involved with muzzle loading knows we've been around for a long time. Our work, which began casually over a half century ago, has. Collectors Investments, 32 Fricker Road, Illovo, 2196, Johannesburg; 079 784 0101; 011 880 9116; info@collectorsinvestments.co

WWI Brass Artillery Shell Art WHATADEALVINTAGE 4.5 out of 5 stars (73) $ 90.00 FREE shipping Add to Favorites vintage brass shell Mufasashop829 5 out of 5 stars (7) $ 15.99. Add to Favorites WWII Military Trench Art Vase in Brass Made from SPENT 105mm Shell Casing Kings Norton Mint UK. Civil War Artillery Shell Jacket - Excellent condition overall, standard 12 button front with a 2 1/2 stand up collar, both pillows on the reverse. Jacket shows minor wear & use, shows signs of a few modern stich repairs, complete with all original buttons, liner remains excellent, inside sleeve with 3 dots for size 3 & stamped number 3.

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Deactivated Ordinance. GXF-0004-RP WWI German Large Trench Art Artillery Shell Casing. Our Price: $249.95. Item #30376. FR-023-WCN. Napoleonic Era .75 cal. British Musket Balls. Our Price: $7.95. Item #3186. UYO-0072 Post WWII Pineapple Training Grenade (NO CALIFORNIA SALES The round is fitted with an magnesium pointed nose cone. There is a base cavity for a tracer element. See Hogg, German Artillery of World War Two, pages 189 - 192. The price includes UK delivery and no licence is required to possess this inert round in the UK if retained as part of a collection or display. O 1613 £445.0 Beret Canada 1945 Marked $145.00. German Field Cap Repro / Afrika 1942 $47.00. British PW Helmet Net $35.00. Australian Side Cap WW2 1940 $120.00. German Camo Cap Pea Dot / Reversible $47.00. U.S. Child Gas Mask $60.00. Child and Adult Gas Masks $125.00. Swedish Helmet Post WW2 $100.00. U.S. steel helmet with liner helmet Home / Products / Artillery Shells / #300 3 SINGLE SHOT COLLECTION View Larger Image #300 3 SINGLE SHOT COLLECTION A collection of four premium 3 inch tubes, each with a different mine and shell effect.Color Star to Silver Glitter, Silver Willow, Blue Peony to Silver Glitter, Golden Comet. Price $12.5EACH.

In a new test, the Extended Range Cannon Artillery (ERCA) gun fired a precision-guided shell to a range of 43 miles, or enough to shell Washington D.C. from Baltimore This artifact is the distorted section of a fired US 3 artillery shell brass sabot found on the wheatfield. Never cleaned, the sabot fragment measures 7 in length and exhibits a thin coat of surface dirt. This battlefield relic is identified in John Geiselman's collection by his contemporary inscribed labels

Artillery shells generally come with a lot of different markings on them. These markings have several different purposes, but the main purpose for the labels is safety. The markings identify data that is crucial to both the government and the person using the artillery shell. A casual observer, or ammunition. Inert artillery shells are stacked up for collection Wall Art, Canvas Prints, Framed Prints, Wall Peels Skip Menu. Navigate to content in this page Accessibility Assistance, opens A D A pag Black Cat Gold Collection 12pc Artillery Shell Kit. Black Cats most prestigious collection yet, 1.75 featuring shells brocades, crackle,.. $29.99 . Add to Wish List. Add to Compare. Black Cat Magnum Artillery Shells 12pk. The shell launcher for this artillery was specially designed and extensively tested to ensure that i... The artillery was my strongest tool. Often it was my only reserve . I repeatedly said it was more a matter of the infantry supporting the artillery than the artillery supporting the infantry. I wish I knew the countless times that positions were taken or held due solely to TOT's . - Major General R. 0. Barto Price: $75.00. Add To Cart. MilitarycollectorsHQ.com is a web-based version of the Military Collectibles Shop, our actual store that is located in West Allis (near Milwaukee) Wisconsin, USA. Run by avid experienced collectors Mark and Jerry for other collectors! We get these pieces of history into the hands of the people that can best.

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Original WWII Bastogne NUTS Plaque Made For U.S. Veterans From Artillery Shell Casings Certified. To commemorate the siege of Bastogne during the famous Battle of the Bulge some brass plaques were made by a foundry in Couvin, Belgium. The basic design features two giant military figures towering above a Bastogne city view. The figure on the right is a German soldier offering surrender terms. Artillery Shell Case Job Lot Circa 1989, used . Artillery Shell Case Job Lot Circa 1989. i have here a collection of genuine ww2 royal artillery badged brass trench art which includes two ashtrays and a fuse cover all using the ra badges. Artillery Shell Case Job Lot in a used condition but stored well The WW1 German artillery fuzes family presents several noticeable characteristics : fuzes designed for high explosive shells had to be equipped with a powerful exploder (or 'gaine' - in German 'Zündladung'). Thes gaine were often screwed on the tail of the German fuzes, rather than mounted into the shell like for French ones She said that he had disarmed the shell before it exploded. Yours for Just $1.3 Million 1944 Grumman Wildcat. Following Sam's death, the neighboring houses were evacuated, while experts removed all the artillery pieces from his collection and detonated them safely

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Virginia Relics will have several tables of relics at the 2021 National Civil War and Antique Arms Show held on July 17 & 18. Meadow Event Park north of Richmond at the Doswell exit off I-95. If you are planning to attend and want to see an available relic (or relics) on my website, in person, please let me know and I will be sure to bring it This conical top emulates an artillery shell with its various numbers below this. Many scenes of artillery exercises. The sides of the handle have the names of all the reservists in the company which was the 1st Battery of the 2nd Lothian Field Artillery Regiment No. 34 stationed at Metz. This man served from 1910 to 1912 INERT ORDNANCE - SHELLS & AMMUNITION These Items Can Only Be Sent Inside The U.K. Mainland All Prices Plus Delivery If You Are Not Collecting From My Shop. British Proximity L132 Drill Fuze Head A Rare Dummy Proximity Fuze Head Price £75. Click to open image! Click to open image Dimensions / Weight. Dimensions: 18.75 H x 3 W x 3 D Physical Description. Brass .75 mm artillery shell. General History. French Soisante-quinze 75mm model 1897 field gun was the most universal weapon of the French artillery during World War I. Thousands were built and by the end of the war it had become the standard weapon of the United States Army A large assortment from Brothers with a variety of items incluidng 3 artillery shell kits, 3 packs roman candles, 1 pack helicopters, 1 pack ground spinners, 10 fountains, 1 pack crackers, 5 200-gram repeaters and 5 Brothers Heavy Weights 500-gram repeaters. Exact contents may vary

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Yes, I'm a hopelessly addicted inert ordnance collector, as the handle might imply. Been gathering for about 50 years, mainly hand and rifle grenades, rifle launchers, 40mm grenades and launchers, mortar, mines, rockets, submunitions, demo gear, artillery, and a few bombs for good measure. I like to say we can't all collect Colts and Winchesters Special Effects Ring Shells Artillery Shells. Special Effects Ring Shells is part of the KOTO collection. Comes with 1 Fiberglass Launch tube, and 6 x 6 Shells. Prices available during Texas Fireworks Seasons. June 24th - July 4th. Dec 20th - Jan 1st

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This community is designed for collectors and enthusiasts alike to display their collection, discuss military history, assess if an item is original or a reproduction (a huge part of militaria collecting is authentication), and maybe even buy sell and trade militaria items between fellow collectors Civil War Artillery Projectiles - The Half Shell Book. Published on Aug 29, 2018. Now Available! This is a sample representative of the content and quality of the book. The book is 392 glossy. Artillery Shell - Landsborough Auctions. Did you win this item? A full invoice should be emailed to the winner by the auctioneer within a day or two Blast from the Past: Artillery in the War of Independence special exhibition at the American Revolution Museum at Yorktown features artillery used on all fronts of the American Revolution by the American, French and British forces. The exhibit runs from June 10, 2018, through March 3, 2019 C-DAEM is a 155-millimeter artillery shell, and will be available for the M777 towed howitzer, the M109A6 Paladin self-propelled howitzer, and the new XM1299 self-propelled howitzer, which has a.